Protected Transport

ProtectRide, LLC offers a safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation service utilizing vehicles equipped with custom designed protective passenger screens. The synthetic plastic polymer screens provide an additional layer of safety and a physical barrier between the driver and the passengers. Designed with space and comfort in mind.

Touch-less Experience

Passengers enjoy a unique experience with ProtectRide, LLC The driver has the ability to operate vehicle automatic doors at passenger’s direction. Drivers are happy to assist in making the ride as comfortable and enjoyable as possible should a passenger need to adjust the temperature, lighting, close or open the windows. The controls are conveniently accessible to the passengers as well.

Drivers will gladly offer a helping hand with luggage and use Personal Protective Equipment including gloves.

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Safer Driver

The transportation experience begins with ProtectRide, LLC providing a careful and rigorous driver selection process. Drivers are subject to regular health and wellness screenings including random controlled substance tests.

Driving records are strictly evaluated and closely monitored throughout their careers to ensure and maintain safety standards. Drivers continue their professional growth and education through ongoing customer service, sensitivity, safety, defensive driving, and ADA training.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Industry leading level of cleanliness is ensured when each of our vehicles is treated with trusted disinfecting and antimicrobial protection solutions, which are odor free and environmentally neutral.

In addition, before a vehicle is dispatched, the interior is treated with an EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant and multi-purpose cleaner. It offers a safe and effective approach to the disinfection leaving behind a clean, streak and haze free surface.

Jamie Dyos

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About the Founder

Jamie Dyos started ProtectRide, LLC in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Passenger vehicles equipped with safety barriers offering separation between the rider and the driver. This simple but innovative solution launched ProtectRide, LLC Jamie Dyos also owns and operates Soiree Valet a special event parking company since 1989.

Jamie Dyos Founder
Jamie Dyos

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